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The Toulan Shops Inventory Tool created by @Morrath is now ready for use. Currently, only @WangXiang has a shop (shack) and outside booth at his pet stable outside of Guardian Village. However, when the shops and apartments are released, I'm sure there will be more shops and shopkeepers filling up to add to the inventory database, and with the excellent Admin Page that Morrath has created for me, it won't be an issue to get the shops added at all once the new shop owners are ready to go live and be added to the Toulan Shops Inventory Tool.

Morrath also created a Toulan Hub at his website that will evolve over time with more information and resources.


Toulan Shops Inventory Tool
Entropia Hub | Planet Toulan

  • additional sub-categories have been added to help locate items
  • item lists will show alphabetized
  • if you click on a shop/shopkeeper location link at the right after clicking on "All" or a specific "Category/Sub-Category"
  • --- it will bring up all items for that shop/shopkeeper owner
  • --- also, items listed at a specific location within the shop (i.e., @ Side Room 1 - Left) will list in alphabetical order
  • there is an up and down arrow at the bottom right of the screen for easier navigation
If shop/shopkeeper owners should run into an issue, they just need to contact me so that I can get it sorted as soon as possible ... forum PM is best.

If you find something in the database that you feel is sub-categorized wrong, please let me know and I can change it rather easily.

I want to personally thank Morrath for his excellent work on these projects, and for the fun we had while sorting it all out. We will be working on other projects as time permits, and will announce them to the community as we can.
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