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Well what's news team VS:
1) Citadel Lagging again
2) Some televators in nahar sending you same floor no matter which one u picked


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I just checked Nahar Towers and the televators at each end of the building worked just fine for me, but I still have rubberbanding at the Citadel ... not sure what's going on there because this just started recently for me.


GV needs some architecture upgrade, more new people coming, and sometimes it looking like a delegation of the lords visited a junkyard at the nowhere (people still thinking Toulan haven't stuff to do!)
1. Anyone saw the fortress walls from which is impossible to shoot? walls.jpg
And the wooden walls aint looks like good defence against 200 lvl Thawrs invading us every month :D
There is a cool examples of arabian ancient style architecture like this, we could make it all of Aqeeq :D
2. Why Hakim.jpg lives on the top of the city on a big massive fundament but in tiny hut? It's a perfect place for round arabian styled hookah-bar! GTranslate tells me hookah in arabi is - الشيشة / alshiysha
3. So, the Nadira, the teacher of the crafters, who probably able to do marvelous decorative things , which is have very high value in a deep cold space lives in tiny كوخ kukh ? As Stanislavskiy told "I DONT BELIEVE!" (in context of actors role playing)
Yes, if you google "ancient arabian houses" you'll see something quite similar.
But if we switch house to "palace" in request we'll see marvelous things like this
and also designer should keep in mind - most of buildings on photo could be decorated and painted as ancient greek statues was, when they was new. So i think Nadira and her neighbors also deserve some small-sized palaces decorated with Nadiras masterpiece she modestly hang at her kukh entrance :D

4. This barn.jpg could be also restyled in stone and have some useful space in it, like may b for beauty saloon .
5. And the mall.jpg! We should have marvelous arabian style mall instead of this 3 old buildings
Afaik trading is kinda sport for eastern people and i even knew some of them RL and learned a lot.
So we could have there one big wide palace , may b even few floors, may b even with some tiny booths with a few-pads space for skilled players who have shops on another planets, and would like to bring some their exotic planetary goods for us , also if this spaces could be took in rent for some misral/month - would be also nice, we have apprentice crafters here who could unite in socs and teams for supplying big crafters in wholesale amounts via just 1-2 shoopkeepers .
6. And now some non-architecture thing , probably Troll Ganja Plant as decorative came from rocktropia or smth like this.
6.1 Their textures are soo cringy, the plants looks weak, like when under heavy lack of light , and their leafs look unnormal and mutilated by mutations .
6.2 No any ingame use for em , but it's ancient plant always was fully recycled by every civilization was on our Earth planet.
Every vascular life form is a giant network of connected biofactories which recycling efi is kinda perfected grade ones :D
And this is a traveling one, and this plant able to travel so far accross the Earth because thier biofactories are producing a widest range of defensife secondary metabolites allows pollen to fly a thousands of kilometers and keeping seeds alive for decades.
So i invented a proper version of this plant to such planet of culture as Toulan:
Meet the CanNaw'is / القنب / alqunb
Designers can proceed playing with names of medical plant and Nawa
The plant coold look like normal healthy medical plant.jpg adapted to hot dry dusty climate by developing massive leaves to eat that sun and make sphere of comfy humidity same time. Afaik it comes from Afghani landrace, but they're very very ancient, and was also discovered in Asia.
The symbyosis of massive traveling plant and unlimited energy potential of Nawa could provide us cool ingame stuff to play with:
1) Nawa Affected Plant - by symbiosis with nawa energy it could provide any desirable microclimate for itself and roots able to detonate tiny nawa veins in Nahar Rocks to reach the water heat and oxygen through em .
Leafs color depends in which climate part of toulan plant was respawned but always covered with nawa veins, streaks, or pigments like when it have chlorosis , but with nawa color.
1.1 So how it should be respawned?
Well it will be a bit complicated but fun and enough emm... biomimicrical?.
By Nawa Affected Seeds - to keep the seeds falling from Nahar Rocks down on icy coasts seeds causing tiny nawa detonation when applying some kinetic energy on it, so it digs in depths to the ground and grow's the Root Core
Nawa Affected Seed is basicaly ammo, primal seed could be traded in Nahar Labs for misral or something like this.
1.2 Another plants parts
1.2.1 A stem - could be ladder like with wood . Thin/Average/Huge or something like this. Crafting material like wood stuff.
1.2.2. Nawa Affected Leafs Pile - crafted/refined with another stuff to make medical ointments and gels of external application , could be as consumable for buffs as detil for crafting specific FAPs or plates.
1.2.3 Root Core - mine location where you chopped plant (like tree, just with axe) - and try to earn root core - could be used to make furniture, like corners in wicker furniture or even, with a proper angle - a whole throne made of roots.
1.2.4 Nawa Affected Flower - could be also in some rarity ladder and used in top-end recipes very rare ones to provide autoloot buff pills w/o Paramedic requirements. So skilled players could help new players with depo to save their time for some good MU. Was funny when i had the ped but still was in need to run for loot like a month before i leveled paramedic enough! 10ped for 10hours 45m? Okay i would pay!
And rarest flowers could be used even in combat pills recipes , we have some ancient avatars with a mad skills in chopping trees, they could have some fun with it.
1.2.5 Nawa Affected Threads - could be different colors and with or without some nawa streaks on it , for tailoring and decorative patterns in texture recipes.
1.3 So still, how it's respawn?!
Meet the TabTube! A crafted gun like snowball one with tiny dmg but a high range like 80-100m , literally a blowpipe made of:
Average Stem
TabTab Tooth/Cavity
I it possible to have music mechanics - it could have holes like musical tube and coverage for em to switch to tagger mod as attachment made of TabTab Hide and Nawa Affected Threads
So when tiny player need an eco tagger he buying it and using Nawa Affected Seeds as ammo in it.
Then Nawa Affected Plants randomly respawns near the places, where mobs was tagged like this.
Any numbers could be balanced in any way, VS or MA teams see it.
I just wanna correct representation of some nature here and some nice stylish things to invest
There is a Gardener prolly so we could have new arabian styled BPs of Pots, Tents, Indoor Growing Lights, Bonsai tools ( and mechanics would be nice also!) , and many other cool stuff people will invest !
I haven't seen any good deco plant in any apts fits good to all these marvelous carpets and furni we make from all these new textures, this part of game looks kinda forbidden.

And when arabian combat people meets the magic plant we also hearing this names!
Assassin / Hashashin , according to legends it's ancient arabian mercenaries leaded by dude who used entheogen properties of hash and tells their expirience was a trip to heaven because he is prophet or smth like that, so they was additionaly motivated and was very powerfull combat unit this way.
We could use it and implement Nawa Shins
Some Orden with NPC who unlocks both Cannawis chopping dailies, and knifefighters dailies , also would be nice to have some knives redesign to more arabic style too and with some Nawa glow ofc (may b by making Hilqa UL (C) with Affected Plant Texture on it idk)
Like more closely to this or this



I just checked Nahar Towers and the televators at each end of the building worked just fine for me, but I still have rubberbanding at the Citadel ... not sure what's going on there because this just started recently for me.
Was pretty traffic in Nahar when i was facing this, and most friendlist was online.
May b it depends on loads of servers?


A new BPs suggestions:
A serious one:
Magnetic Nawa Field Core - veh attachment crafted with Tatfu tincture
Makes sleigh or another veh staying magnetized to ground while u leaving it on hill or something like this
If it will be importable attachment works on another planets would be tiny timesaving stuff always good for everybody :3

A more look like a joke but i would like to buy this :D
Tips Gun
BP requires just gold ignots ( could be ladder to some amazing looking with SOOTO mat to craft hehe)

U loading it with pile of PECs and shoot your friends or afk hirelings directly to their inventory :D
Not in ped card no no let it be surprise and reminds people to check their pockets after trading :D
Coulda be some system notification also, and even globy on it haha will be fun, i'm sure it could be balanced well :D


Oooo! Now i'm crafting + skillpill addict , please moma Toulan bless my crafting terminal BP with ability of kinda likes on bp but ur own, wanna be able to click many times and reset counter after 100 - more likes i clicked - BP 99 likes - it's on top by default i entering terminal, i clicked few more and its dropped to another ones down i'm using too, but not in this week of runs. Manual BP management via veh is horrible and looks ew-legacy still, i know it's aint VS domain but my suggestions of UI blessings like this goes to VS team too just in case because:
DME told about good communication level VS-MA
And feel free to remind this is your planet random rookie invention because it's just that good from the all sides every camper have a fun enough for every budget :p

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UI was getting an overhaul but the develepment was abbandoned because of the now more important UE5 update.


UI was getting an overhaul but the develepment was abbandoned because of the now more important UE5 update.
Ye but i know coders have some aces up their sleeves but most time they just busy or coding UE5 or communicating about what needed to be coded for UE5 so can't pull em w/o demand.
We're demand. If suggestions is good and likes counter is huge , DME, our SMM Mayhem Edition can make another friend make a proper data from my text so coder will get his info almost instantly. Very expirienced people needed to support our fun like this, they know their job well :3
So if u wanna toy same as I hit the like and make ur friend too :D

We can't predict exact time when it will come, but if we have same tiny dreams for our fun massively - MA already knows it, but need to manage the time and resources correctly to maintain all things work fine exactly together and aint just work - work quick. So let we help our 100lvl gamers while we chilling down the ladder, when it's fun - time have additional MU , and globrate and word worth no ped :D

So we need to amp our dreams with fun , suggestions it's pretty routine job otherwise.

You have a lot tiny businesses in game i'm sure, prepeare ur own dreams list of things (any kind of literally) make it more fun and successful in range of balance and drop it here i'm sure there will be something i need to so ur post preamped with my like :D

O! The efi recipe for the employee who will save and manage our dreams :
I use it for my job and for making mining reports quick while probes hot and pills ticking :
Ditto - multislot clipboard i binded Ctrl+~ to roll the slots quick.
Monosnap for Games edition -my is non-pro version, my bind for partial screencap is Alt+C, very useful with windowed mode, cuz those buttons binded ingame too and all i need to switch w/o alt+tab is just click to windows panel takes <0.2sec
Then i can quick roll between text and pics in buffer makes reporting speed just brilliant .

Yeee, i'm writed enormous amounts of reports on my RL job guys be sure, twice funnier to use it for some fun and planetary wealth <3
And yes, i have kinda pills-ticking timer as my $-related KPI at RL job that's why i am speed and my textes sometimes could be unclear)
Lol, we're already in symbiosys with machines, that's why will be no Terminators RL to hunt :C


Haha my suggestions is data residue from my adventures and gossip residue from my cool new buddies 7 pg friendlist !
HIT THIS LIKE WHO ALREADY LANDED TO CAMP MY GAMER FRIENDS i'll track u and bless with some good local stuff u could use for ur fun :D
And please, no AH prices talks for mats below 110% ! It's always near tt + MU any u like guys)
And MU mats above this are always reserved for most addicted crafter friend so send me any orders of stuff u need🚄
My F av named JaNet is additional roleplay joke related to this show i highly reccomends during sweating chill
Janet there is heaven AI knows everything learns quicker with every reboot 🤖
And we're in a skilling heaven so ha joke worth it make av like this preamped with funny story 📚
My memory big, Toulan smol , My 12hr sleep - my reboot :jumpclap
Haha my build is gone even more funny and more quickly then was predesigned after reading some journals and watching some blogs with some rumors about interesting dev team inside dev team with a new game inside old one 😏
Hehe sector catched in my eye because i'm hirring people for doing b2b services as a team so my scanner of briliant service 🔍 kinda globed 🤓
Thanks to moma Toulan as a fun production machine producing fun production machines and great skilling of my own high MU RL skills 🎓
Thanks Gamer Service Perfected from teav VS 😘

With all that toys and Alya our Snow Queen skills i'll craft cool dress for showing off at GV soon , i hope we'll have some wider space at GV to show off w/o obstacles in direct sight while trading and crafting 🕍
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A mission Specific for the monthly citizenship event ONLY for those not doing it. Need something for every1 to have a reason to shoot big mobs other than big lv target. Mirsal token and skill is the obvious reward but could be something else to let those on citizenship looking forward to keep spending and/or rush this event.
Also a bonus completion, faster gauge filling or lower kill # or even a 1 hour buff of some kind for those who actually completed the citizenship mission. Something to give an small edge over those who didn't completed it yet. Also a great way to have recurring player of most any lvs coming to Toulan.
And do put some more items of interest for any players of any lv in those special mob, if not done already. Pages will eventually be gone, need a contengency plan of higher chances of looting. Special buff chips or field healing chips can be an insane reward helpfull on the event boss.

As always, tyvm for the hard work.

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A mission Specific for the monthly citizenship event ONLY for those not doing it.
Im working onto making a guide for it, but the citizenship is available from Lv15, shooting 500HP mobs, Lv10, absolutely doable with the lowest armatrix LR-10, unamped ; for which my disciples had access after about four weeks playing entropia.

Refusing to do it is a matter of decision that falls only onto the player, and i dont think it should be “compensated” for those who just refuse to participate ; since it is available to all.

Ill develop in the guide, but i managed to break 20% completition with my Z12 rifle, and an arso II chip over the weekend ; ~25 card DPS, for which again, a LR-10 unamped exceeds.

Pages will eventually be gone
I am pretty sure we have another couple of years before worrying about this :)
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i actually have two suggestions . i don t think either is overly feasible, but it would be neat if they were. !, socks for my avatar! and 2. maybe a lefthanded npc or two???


i actually have two suggestions . i don t think either is overly feasible, but it would be neat if they were. !, socks for my avatar! and 2. maybe a lefthanded npc or two???
Strongly updooting for socks!

My birthday gift, haha :D
And i've send a few pairs witn "Scream" (Ed. Munk) and some Vinny 1Gogh prints to my friends, very funny trend :D



[Lizzy Storm] was asking about t-shirts and another stuff with caaats! 🐱🐯
Probably we could even upgrade this concept and wide it to Tigers, Lions, Leopards etc etc

Momma Toulan, a some Mosaic Floppas, please ( Caracal caracal, Turkic . qara qulaq — «чёрное ухо»\"black ear" )

Is that kinda ancient Mickey Mouse vibe or what?🤔

Can i have those ones with Jeefs? :laugh

O, a minerals, resin and wood crafts!

Mmmm, purplium! 🤩
Mmmm Nawa Glow 🤪 !
O! Nailart! Yessss.
🤔 Quite eco statue it is 🤔
Only UV resin and Momma Nature it is 🍀


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Hear me out.. How about a VSE Mk.2 that's exactly the same as Mk.1 except it gives a small permanent synch bonus. I feel like if any team can make this happen, fairly, this team can! make all the necessary materials for the upgrade mission to be personally looted/crafted (going with the theme of the missions). Idk, I think a lot of people would love to get a hold of this, even if it's just a little bit better :D

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