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Kill 100 Bahri (Daily)<0.1 Ped EvadeFares (Pit North) 137184, 92342
cant get this guy to give me the daily, has anything changed, is it bugged or am i ?
This has happened to me too on one occasion, a few days later everything worked as normal again.
This was last year somewere and totally slipped my mind sinds it hasn't happened sinds.

Derik LaPierre

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I have an idea for shops/stalls. I don't know how viable it is because of my lack of experience in owning a shop. I was thinking about maybe leased stalls.

Instead of property that is permanently owned where the owner has to pay upgrades and taxes and stuff, could it be viable to have stalls that can be rented/leased by the month at a flat rate? This way people can rent a stall of only the size or specifications that they want, and if they feel they need to up size or downsize their stall based on their changing needs, they can rent/lease a different stall at the end of their rental/lease period.

This avoids people being stuck with property that may be difficult to liquidate due to unforeseen circumstances, owners having to eat upgrade costs at their own risk that may or may not be recouped, or property being held unused by resellers for speculation and flipping creating a bunch of empty shops in dead malls.

Perhaps this could also help permanent shop owners too. If they have an overstock of stuff that needs to be liquidated, but their current shop is not sufficient, and they will not need the excess capacity after they have cleared out the overstock, they could rent/lease a stall instead of shelling out a massive amount of PED for additional property/upgrades that they will not need in the long term.

This could also encourage small, independent startups and entrepreneurs who are trying to fill a niche that is too small or unusual for a big investment in a shop to be viable.


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I was on Toulan a couple of times recently.
I'm going to start a new "life" on Toulan soon because it's a little planet and because I like well designed landscapes. Despite if I like very much the interior design of the huge building of mall/apartments I think that the location is very wrong, it ruins all the city atmosphere, it's completely out of scale and quite ugly reguarding the exterior design. My purpouse is move it away as it is in a one of the outposts of Toulan giving it a Teleport or... rethink it completely and use all the buildings of Al Nahar City as houses and shops. Al Nahar City is like the old Minopolis on Calypso of pre VU 10, leave as it's or improve it in that way

Littlestar b-k

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I do agree that i doesn't really fit in at that spot. I do think the look of the building is pretty nice.
At the snow outpost with the tp (the name escapes me) there is a nice flat area a building might fit on should you be inclined to look for another spot. I'll post some coords later if i remember to.

Most of us are pretty happy to just have them. ;)

Littlestar b-k

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The tp is al nahar snow mountian and these are the coords [Planet Toulan, 135952, 94398, 108, Waypoint]
The new players will prob curse me for suggestion this position as there are some low mat tabtab's there.
Also , the view isn't nearly as spectacular as were it stands now.


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some idea for improve craft on toulan.
goal is respect general economy and exploit the various concept of toulan.
one of the key is the nawacore MK ** it s only use on toulan and it's level show a kind of dedicacy on the planet.
second ket is L stuff. no need unlim anyway.

aas i can see on toulan and near everywhere on entropia is the use of high end armor. and some planet are develloping their own. ( ancient greece even have a plate+armor combo).

the idea is to make crafting toulan armor (L) better than other on toulan. respecting the classic regulation on EU.
but the nawacore could gave them a bonus ( % or straight point) depending the nawacore level. and as decay is protection depending and durability, more protection will ajust the decay anyway. weakest armor could have better durability for allowing a better use of armor depending the strenght of the mob. out of toulan the armor will be as all other armor.

it will give more motivation for toulan player and visitor to use toulan (L) armor. making this aspect of craft better due to the better demand.
raise the nawacore still give more quest and more bonus.

same concept can be use for weapon with % of damage bonus ( with corresponding ammo use added)

tourist can still use their loved stuff or try to grab some bonus in giving more economy activity on planet.

can work with skill system as knowledge of toulan. (raising only on activity or daily quest, etc).

thanks for reading.

will have more suggestion later :)


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new mob.
actually ( my opinion) flying vehicul ruining the work of design landscape and exploration. witch is a big part of toulan. it s small but intense. so new mob ( let s call them djinn for keeping arabian spirit).
- wind djinn will be huge flying mob. able to attack flying ship and detect them at very long range. maybe 500m. it will push ppl to use land vehicule.

-earth djinn. walking on all map. attacking them with vehicule with impact damage. make sens of vehicule hunting. crafting support weapon and give use for mecanician as vehicule crafter (L). a new design wielding wire BP can come with it, using toulan (or/and monria) ingredient. instead craft and have the bp with rocktropia and arkadia stuff stuff .... new challenge for safari team player.

-water djinn. same with boat and flying vehicule. (carefull do not aggro wind djinn).

-fire djinn. same with AOE damage. and some funny variation.

and maybe add second attack mode ( like rextelum) with % damage instead of number damage.


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About vehicule.

building chassis with vehicule attachement like plate, various motors or weapon. hight level chassis will improve number of avaliable slot

nawa motor with nawa-energy cell refuelling.

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I went in Sidekicks new shop yesterday and because I always play in 3rd person mode it was as if I couldn't get in the shop. Sidekick had to show me that you turn left in the entranceway which is not obvious due to the "curtain" graphic in the entrance. It just seems like it is blocked but the camera angle means it is the same effect as when access is restricted and you get bounced out.
Maybe that needs to be removed or changed to be a tied back curtain when the shop is active?


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I am new to game but here is my suggestion.

1. Nawa Rig...the spawn is too little, too far apart. You could do something about that. Like what is the point of it as is and pvp area for something that hardly drop.

2. Prefer-Oil rig dropping oil. Vehicles need oil, if one has to leave planet to get fuel they might stay there. For noob running through mob sometimes isn't possible and for lazy people like to fly everywhere. Unless you invent a vehicle specific to Toulon using Nawa.

3. Crafting...First of all the ratio of profit vs loss needs to be looked into. Noob learning to craft and loose 90% and come even or profit is low. 2. To beat ep1 crafting perhaps you can introduce new BP that start single with 1 ingredients as competition. Eg. you have bp for use wood cutting but you fail to make huge tree spawn faster. Many cannot do it cause tree area to cut small and trees don't spawn fast enough and huge tree seldom show up. BP requires it, either make more huge trees to spawn and faster rate...or..make another bp that uses the wood dust to make large boards to craft with that bp.

4. Hunting..i like the idea you guys made daily to keep us busy but again a little more profitable run vs loss or break even be nice. Items that are to drop for bp need to drop more to continue hunting so people can actually use them to craft after.

5. Tree mentioned in Crafting...spawns and Huge tree needs improvement.

6. Sweating...solo sweats too little sweat on mobs. The sunjog they good to sweat in team, but they hit too hard in team of 2. Could you please reduce the damage amount to be less so at least 2 people can sweat them. As it is harder for noob to sweat those mobs. Would me nice to have solo sweating mob that does low damage but equal to Hater of RT.

7. Many places like when you die by mob at nawa rig, the place it respawn you does not have a tp. Like Ark or Caly at lease there is a tp there. There are many areas like that where tp is needed. Too far stretches with no tp.

8. Finding fruits and stuff. Toulon doesn't have much to pick up ground.

Littlestar b-k

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Let me start by saying " This is the hardest game you'll ever play".
You'll need to do alot of reading and testing for yourself to be succesfull.

1. It's free ped your getting , instead of complaining you should say thank you.

2. I'm not sure what you mean by this.

3. Crafting is the most expensive proffession by far, to get started with it you'll need some knowledge to not loose alot. I recommend finding a good mentor who can at least teach you the basics.

4. Hunting is plenty profiteble but as said before you have to find the oppurtuneties. Not many people are going to tell you their secrets.
Remember that you are playing against the other players ,not MA.
The loot is controlled by MA and not the Planet Partners. When posting a loot issue here you should also post it in a ticket to MA.

5. My knowledge on this is minimal but i have been told that using a lvl 4 treecutter will get you alot more boards from a huge tree.
Don't cut huge trees with anything less then a lvl 3 tool i think.
I use up 2-3 axe's (lvl1) per week and find a huge tree every time, maybe you've been unlucky.

6. There is a reason it is hard to sweat solo as a new players, that is the reason people sweat in groups. As you lvl up in evade and other proffesions it will get easier. There is gear out there like rings that will help you too. Life regen is one example.
As for lowering the dmg on a mob, why not go try a mob that does less dmg.

7. It is a pvp area and having a revival right next to nawarig defeats the purpose of killing someone in pvp as they will be right back.
You can run everywhere in literally minutes, Toulan is a very small planet.

8. I totally agree. You do find an occasional large amount of something.

All that being said welcome to the game. I recommend finding a mentor asap. Don't just take any mentor , try to research a bit and ask other new players to see if they can point out a great one to you.

I wish you all the best. I said before this is the hardest game you'll ever play but it is also the greatest game you'll ever play.


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So here are my suggestions for Toulan:

1. Isolated spawn areas of old alphas or higher sunjoq with high respawn rates.
2. Higher level L weapons and armor from mobs as well as some nice UL varients :p
3. TPs at Snow Stretch, Shandy Shores West and at the Dam Cliffs "City Areas"
4. More uses with the seemingly random body parts that are looted from mobs (blueprints or repeat missions)
5. Bahri wave area
6. Tier 3 components to drop more often (Caly is barren of them :p)
7. More Level 15-25 mobs in general

Eleni Von Estlla

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For specific loot to drop more often, such as tier3 componos, it is a MA thing. They control the loot drop frequency.

ULs have been demanded for as long as ive been here, im sure its planned, just never been implemented.

I agree for the higher level mobs in general, which is, to me, the major drawback on Toulan.
Though since mobs are here already, with HP/damage set, which control threat level, so level of creatures, it is unlikely to change.
Only thing i believe may happen, is to see new mobs or maturities, with higher standards.

For sunjoq greater spawn, i believe that the Awhaz area (green east mountain) is due for a major overhaul. I believe we will see that all sorted in the near future :)


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My thoughts based on precedent suggestions and ideas came out in the chat ingame:

Clear mob spawn: for me is a No, keep it as it's, mixed and messed spawn are funnier and more "natural", there're already many areas with one single spece with a low maturity ranges (small to medium, medium to high, high to very high). Mixed spawn of average Toulan mobs is good to work on more codex at once. This is worth especially since the Quwa "Iron like" challenges are going to be eliminated. The areas between Al-Nahar City and Damn Cliff and the green mountain north of North Pit are my favourite places.

Add teleporters everywhere: again it's a No, I can only say, for lazy persons, to move The NPC for Wahesh and Khaffash daily to a place with TP. Getting lost or stucked in a outpost for me is positive thing and part of the "Journey Through The Sands"; especially on Toulan is really easy find an help just asking in the chat.

Add new mobs: Yes, I'd really like see some new mob in the high very high range of difficoult. Where to put them? For a sea mob there's plenty of space, for terrestial mobs I would be happy to see a Toulan expansion toward south or west since the actual map clearly calls it, also the ancient map suggests that we're are living in the north-east quadrant of a larger planet. Maybe the things are not meture enough to implement new territories, but hey, the community visiting or takeing residence on Toulan are growning!

Add new tools: Yes, more medical kits, mining tools, some refiner, scanners would be great to boost the crafting side of Toulan and in general the whole economy for miners and hunters. About a Toulan texturizer yes, yes, yes! For me Toulan has the overall best set of textures in the universe so deserve the best texturizer. There're wonderful textures around but not so many all nice and all together packed in a little book as it's for Toulan. Add more wonderful textures too!

Eleni Von Estlla

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Ive always been against vehicules on Toulan, and against lazyness for more TPs, so i share your thoughts here :)
But i guess we got to make everyone content.

Theres plenty empty areas on Toulan, but im also thinking of miners, so ya, i'd prefer seeing more lands, of underground, or whatever additional space. Caves seem lore friendly to me :)

As for more stuffs, yes! :D
Make even more stuffs, i love what im seeing at the moment!
Everything is definitely going the right way :)
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