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Could use a added Force nexus also to Toulan as it seems its total dry of that and very usefull for teleport chips and such even on toulan :)

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Can the missions be updated to show the actual rewards on all of them, I feel I'm doing dailies for the sake of it when it is not clear what is the incentive (apart from loot ofc)


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For such a small planet, the entire NE section of the land mass is essentially pointless. It has always seemed like it was part of the planet they never got around to working on, so they just left it a mass of mixed mobs and awkward terrain. It would be a great place to setup some different mob spawns. Which got me to thinking...

Does Toulan now have access to Monrian mobs?
If some were perhaps smuggled back to Toulan, only to escape and establish themselves in the Northeastern region - beyond Al-Nahar - it would increase mob diversity without resorting to Universal mobs.

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Originally, before vehicles were allowed, it was a sort of 'goal' to get up there to the mountain top as indicated by some of the stories the npcs have. The hidden city on top of the mountain type of stuff. Now that vehicles are allowed, you are correct, it's pointless because the original intention is broken completely.
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