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Hi Ant, DM, and all,

As very quickly mentioned to DM in the game chat, i wanted to make it a more official question/demand; so everyone can see.

You guys know i am deep into Toulan's lore, and while Farah never finished the official story, and the game quests came onto a stop, we somehow tryied to find little clues and leads to try piece the story back together.
I actually think that is fantastic.
Ill first ask and suggest if we could continue to "hide" some bits of untold lore, into items descriptions, like it was the case for the weapons, for exemple, explaining how things were engineered, and gave us pointers about the Insian culture.
This was the case aswell when scanning the creatures, which gave us huge pointers about the past geography (EG Qaffaz who fled Qifar Desert), tribes, and past of Toulan (now included in the codex).
While not everything can be said, or written in an official story, without making it a novel, or keeping it interesting for "casual" residents, it is actually very interesting to find completing bits of lore, hidden in item we find/craft. A very rewarding feeling.

One of my biggest disappointment, on Toulan, was actually to work hard for this statuettes, and expecting to find a closure, as where i would finally learn the origin of a creature, and only finding "mohkat figure" in the description; for exemple. Same as for bosses, total unknown origin, and feels like they are only oversized creature, rather than something huge/important.

As silly as it sounds, this is actually a real motivator, for me anyway, to try and work my way onto something, if i know i will discover something new out of it.

And again, it is a great way to include little "hidden" stories, to complete, or even make some new, totally irrelevant side stories, by binding items to the lore.

More of a suggestion, but since its a "ask me anything", ill then ask.
Do you guys plan to continue binding items to the lore, like original items were? (And the musics!! for immersion!! They were great, dark, and arabic!)

Thank you!

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Oh and ill keep going, because my head just cant stop thinking.

Its like, the Duhols for exemple.
They wear this sack of bones, and this wristband we loot from them.
They physically wear them on their model:
Duhol 2.jpg

But nothing says, why?
Why are they walking around with a bone sack? Bones from what?
And the wristband? They are said to have childish brain, so are they actually smart enough to make them?
Zero information onto that, and i would a loved to know more :)

They wear a metal, spikey wristband.
That means, at some point, they were domesticated.
My thoughts onto, being like a guard dog, or a military asset, to attack or guard (from) the other tribe/enemy.
They sure arent born with that thing, and the scan/codex only mention them as a reptilian thing.
dahhar 2.jpg

And there is so much more, but nothing to get a closure about :D

This i meant by little irrelevant side stories, aswell as involve players, or make some side stories about things like Nawa, a creature, a place, the geography, etc etc... :)

Thank you,


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I totally agree it is important to show storyline in missions and items. :)
You have contributed so much in your posts and they were very helpful when learning about Toulan, I personally was totally overwhelmed by the whole Nawa theme and I was delighted to have your posts to go to when trying to understand things. :thumbsup
DM and Ant are on the same page as you can see when looking at Monria, they have always intertwined play to story closely.
And they have continued with this on Toulan.
We hope to be able to build on this style of play going forward.
We as a team look with interest on all the ideas that are put forward from players, especially players so involved with the storyline and lore. We are constantly inspired by the suggestion we read on the forum and we will always try to implement good ideas. :)

PS Have you checked the Description on the rugs? (I think you'll like them)

Eleni Von Estlla

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Thank you Kendra! Thats great to hear :)
I am really, really looking forward to what is coming in the future!
I know yous all are working hard on it, especially now with two full worlds to manage, and i am glad you did, and will continue to pay attetion to details, so little they may be :)
This new content has been delightful, and i cant wait to see more!

I havent got to loot and craft rugs yet, and i wont peep on auctions until i make mines, but im really curious now!!

Thank yous all for reading all my little caprices, and working hard on such details :)
It makes this little world much more interesting, and exiting!
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