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Sunday Is My Hunting Day And These Giveaways Are Active To Be Redeemed By Followers Only When I Am Hunting:
-Active Marble Runs (!play to join 10ped prize) 7k Channel Points Per Race.
-Wheel Spins: 5k Channel Points Per Spin.
Colours On The Wheel/Prizes:
-marble race
-random tt wep
-5 ped

I Also Run A High Reward, Low Stakes Marble Race Grand Prix Monthly On The 17th, 20% Of The Channel's Total Revenue Is The Prize Pool!
Viewers Can Earn Tickets (Each One Is A Marble!) Using Channel Points.
There Is No Limit To The Number Of Tickets You Can Claim To Each Months Event!
Each Ticket Is 2k Channel Points & The More You Claim The Higher Odds Of Winning!
Races Are On The 17th & The Prize Pool Is Split Between 1st (50%), 2nd (30%), 3rd (20%) With 5 Days For People To Trade.
5196Ped Given Away Through 2023's Marble Grand Prix's!

Hope To See You On Stream Winning Some Good Ped!

All Info Regarding Tickets, Winners & Hunting Giveaways Has Been Saved Since February 2023 And Is Available Below:
Monthly Marble Run Entry's, Winner's etc etc
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