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Twitch Stream | CollisionPending

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Sunday Is My Hunting Day And These Giveaways Are Active To Be Redeemed By Followers Only When I Am Hunting:
-Active Marble Runs (!play to join 10ped prize) 7k Channel Points Per Race.
-Wheel Spins: 5k Channel Points Per Spin.
Colours On The Wheel/Prizes:
-marble race
-random tt wep
-5 ped

I Also Run A High Reward, Low Stakes Marble Race Grand Prix Monthly On The 17th, 20% Of The Channel's Total Revenue Is The Prize Pool!
Viewers Can Earn Tickets (Each One Is A Marble!) Using Channel Points.
There Is No Limit To The Number Of Tickets You Can Claim To Each Months Event!
Each Ticket Is 2k Channel Points & The More You Claim The Higher Odds Of Winning!
Races Are On The 17th & The Prize Pool Is Split Between 1st (50%), 2nd (30%), 3rd (20%) With 5 Days For People To Trade.
5196Ped Given Away Through 2023's Marble Grand Prix's!

Hope To See You On Stream Winning Some Good Ped!

All Info Regarding Tickets, Winners & Hunting Giveaways Has Been Saved Since February 2023 And Is Available Below:
Monthly Marble Run Entry's, Winner's etc etc
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Pokémon Master Giveaway Is Starting Today After The Weekly Hunt!!
The Giveaway Is Focused Around The Pokémon Chat Game Running On Stream.
Anyone Can Play By Using The "!catch" Command, The Catch Rate Is Random.
You Can See Everyone's Pokémon At Anytime Using "!dex"

First To Catch A Full Generation Of Regular Pokémon Wins 10ped.
First To Catch A Full Generation Of Shiny Pokémon Wins 50ped.
Here Is A Link To The Poké Master Giveaway Doc:
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