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Monria Trader & Crafter
Im new to streaming, I just upgraded my internet upload speed recently so now I can stream my mining runs on Monria!

Using pre-amped finders and big amps indoors!

Twitch Stream | Crazyshadow

Many people ask me where/how deep/what/when to mine on Monria. My stream will answer all of those!
  • How I get 20k+ ped tower?
  • How can I reach 112% average MU indoors?
  • Why I hit so many globals?
  • General Mining Strategy !
Follow and watch my stream to discover the '' Secret of the Hidden Shub Cavern ''

Thanks for watching!

Guess what will be my biggest hit! closest guess win 1% of it in PED ! (On my stream channel before I start my run)
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Monria Trader & Crafter
thanks for watching everyone!, I will be streaming tomorrow too, and giving away 1% of my biggest hit to a lucky participant that follow and watch my run.

All you need to do is get on my stream and place your bet,I will say BET OPEN for 10min, then ill start my mining run. Once mining run started it will be too late to place bet.

The closest bet to my highest global or hof win! if tie, the first call win.

My mining run will start at 14:30 MA time 02-04-2016


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Brilliant idea shadow I hope you HoF big and good luck to all the guessers :)


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This is such a grand idea. I hope more people jump on board and have fun with it.

Thanks CS for being creative, and for giving people an opportunity to snatch up some of your Monria goodies. I think they should continue to ride along with you and post a guess because you are known for making the Moon give it up.

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