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Twitch Stream | MooneyTheMooMan

I came to this game about a year ago this month. I've learned so many things since i came to this game like using spreadsheets /calculator watching the Market and understanding MU. Now I'm into Streaming. My goal is to make instructable videos for begineers with low deposits like 100$ a month depositers. I'm Getting my youtube setup and will be posting a video soon. Any suggestions or advice is welcome

Thank you

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Nice one Mooney

That's a lovely idea to gear your stream towards helping new players,

I'll look out for your stream :thumbsup

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That's a great idea Mooney. There isn't a whole lot out there to truly help new players, at least none I could find when I was new to the game.
But I had SK to assist me so I guess that was better than a video lol
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