VU 20.3.1 |Some fixes and adjustments


Spawn of Azathoth
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Today there was a Patch to the 20.3 release with the following fixes/adjustments
  • Graphical fixes to the Kurti and Kattan dresses including the addition of a necktie on the Kattan dress
  • Graphical updates to a range of garments
  • BPs for items needing graphical updates released and available to be looted
  • Zir and Habkeh BP visual update to reflect that they are tailoring BPs
  • Fixes for the New Player Experience Missions
  • Information Desk is now active to provide some information to Visitors on Toulan
  • Adjustments to the Nawa fountain which now spawns Nawa Fragments
  • TabTab Tooth and Caboria Cavity is now tradable
  • Khaffash Mohajem now count as Khaffash for the Quawa Mission
  • Updated Jasmina CUHOF and CUHOF beginner mission dialogue
  • Fixed Malwood Armour BP in the beginner mission
  • “Karmoosh Aleef Lab Key – Solo” has been distributed and placed in the inventory of eligible players

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Hello Ant, is this the patch which was pushed yesterday afternoon without announcement? It prompted me to a rant here:
Question: - Unannounced Content Download?

I didn't mean to sound rude but can I kindly ask for some consideration for clients on metered connections, please? I wonder if it was so urgent that it hadn't time until Tuesday maintainance, or at least for a headsup so I can go to a wifi hotspot. This would be really awesome.


Eugenio Anhithe Wilde

Moon Manager
Staff member
Virtualsense Media Team
Hey San,

I hear you, what happened is that we had our patch tested and ready for deploy and scheduled for next Tuesday. There was something that accelerated the deployment of this patch outside of our content but all patches go together. I didn't get notice of this and scrambled to get the notes together.

I've passed on the feedback that we need to do better at communicating this and let people know!


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