VU 20.4.1 |Some fixes and adjustments


Spawn of Azathoth
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Today there was a Patch to the 20.3 release with the following fixes/adjustments

  • Overall mining award added to Mining Awards mission
  • Adjusted Woolly Beanie Hats
  • Adjusted Salem NPC so doesn’t glow at night
  • Shamon Dress Texture adjusted
  • Sindibad Pants (M) Blueprint (L) name added (C)
  • NPE mission fix for Monria Borns
  • Toulan Blueprint Book added back to technician
  • High Level Wahesh have been returned to spawn
  • Adjusted BPs that were appearing in the incorrect auction category
  • Fixed issue with Thawr Divine Spawn
  • Increased Juvenile spawn east of Guardian Village
  • Fixed Mosaic Texture BP
  • Adjusted Weight of Nawa Drops
  • Increased Mokhat Spawn in Jelly area
  • Adjustment to lighting of creatures
  • fixed issue with fallen recruits mission when player abandons during exchange
  • Fallen recruit tags can now be sold to the trade terminal
  • Fixed issue with Mirsal Tokens behaving like attribute token
  • Adjusted spelling in Sunburst texture
  • Fixed naming of Mawlood Armour Arm Guards Recruit (F)
  • Mawlood Armor Harness Beginner renamed to Mawlood Armor Harness recruit
  • Fixed recipe for Jelly Baby Blueprint
  • Fixed recipe for Autumn Bliss Small Carpet Blueprint
  • Fixed Big-Top Designer Chair BP displays/crafts the Bordered Mosaic Carpet instead of a chair
  • Added Name of avatars who discover in description of items discovered in time for this release
Known Issues:

  • Shamon Dress has incorrect texture
  • Jeef Zajeer Host Young are appearing in Flora and Fauna

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