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Spawn of Azathoth
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The Book of Life

By Royal Decree, HM Queen Nara is offering the deeds to estates on Planet Toulan in exchange for the return of the Lost Pages from the Book of Laws. These pages will be used in the construction of a sacred book titled the ‘Book of Life’ to reflect a new era on Toulan. An era where the life of all is respected and people will no longer be subjected to the oppression of their free will, but rather coexist in harmony.

There are 103 pages to be discovered for the ‘Book of Life.' Each Page can be exchanged for a particular estate deed. The description of the item will reference the individual estate deed that it can be exchanged for.

  1. Creation of Avatars – each can be exchanged for a small apartment deed.
  2. Nawa Transfiguration – each can be exchanged for a medium apartment deed.
  3. Narian Defence Spells – each can be exchanged for a large apartment deed.
  4. Creature Spells – each can be exchanged for a shopping booth deed.
  5. Potions – each can be exchanged for a shop deed.
  6. Incantations – each can be exchanged for a large shop deed.
The deeds will be exchanged by a Virtualsense Official or HM Queen Nara by Royal Appointment.

Pages from the Book of Life

To prevent the knowledge from the Book of Laws being acquired by the nefarious stranger, Queen Nara destroyed the book and scattered its contents across Planet Toulan. Pages for the Book of Life can be obtained exclusively in a variety of ways on Planet Toulan:
  • From the chests in Instances.
  • By Hunting Mobs.
  • As Something Out of the Ordinary whilst mining.
  • During crafting.
  • From Toulan Event Mobs.
  • From the Mirsal Trader in Exchange for Mirsal Tokens.
Mirsal Trader
  • The Mirsal Trader has been placed in the Information Booth.
  • A limited number of Pages across all categories have been added to the Mirsal Trader and can be acquired with Mirsal Tokens.
  • The Karmoosh Aleef Lab Key has been added to the Mirsal Trader and can be exchanged with Mirsal Tokens.
  • Mirsal Tokens can be acquired from chests in the Instances, via Something Out of the Ordinary whilst mining and can still be exchanged for Sabikah from the Mirsal Exchanger.


New Player Experience

A number of changes/additions have been made to support new players on Planet Toulan.
  • Mission Titles, dialogue and small cosmetic changes have been made to the New Player Mission Chain.
  • Monrian Born Players can now complete the Toulan Born Mission chain.
  • Toulan Born Players will receive a Toulan Born Tee Shirt when born on Toulan so they can be identified for Toulan Born Community Initiatives.
  • 2 new Juvenile mobs (Mokhat and Dahar) have started appearing East of Guardian Village.
  • Mawlood Armor Recruit is a low level, low tt armour that can be acquired through hunting.
  • The Fanoos V1 FAP can be acquired through hunting.
  • 2 new starter weapons (Mawlood Recruit Eagle and Mawlood Recruit Hawk) have been added and can be acquired through hunting.
  • Mokhat Jelly has been discovered in the Mokhat Juveniles and not only tastes great but can also be used to create a new local texture.
  • A new repeatable mission via a mission giver east of Guardian Village has been added with a reward of 50 pec of universal ammo.


Wood Harvesting

Moonleaf boards can now be harvested from trees on Toulan and have a purpose as they are used in the construction of furniture and Nahar Axes.
  • Moonleaf boards can now be harvested from trees using your favorite harvesting tool.
  • Nahar Timber Axe 100 (L) has been added to the TT terminal and is used to harvest wood.
  • BPs for the construction of Nahar Timber Axes can be looted from Tool crafting (Nahar Timber Axe 200 (L) & Nahar Timber Axe 300 (L)).
  • Nahar Axe 100 (L) – can be used to harvest Moonleaf Short Board.
  • Nahar Axe 200 (L) – can be used to harvest above and Moonleaf Board.
  • Nahar axe 300 (L) – can be used to harvest above and Moonleaf Long Board.
  • Furniture crafters are utilizing Moonleaf Boards in the construction of their products.


  • Ores and Enmatters found on Toulan have been included in Blueprints to give further purpose to local resources.
  • SOOTO (Something Out Of The Ordinary) has been added to mining on Toulan and includes Pages for the book of life and Mirsal tokens.
Mining Awards Mission

A new Mining Awards mission chain has been added. Speak to Thana at the Citadel to find out more.
  • Dedicated Toulan miners can complete the Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum stages for each of the Ores and Enmatters local to Toulan.
  • All 15 Ore and Enmatter mission chains can be completed in parallel whilst going about your everyday mining.
  • As each stage is completed for each individual Ore/Enmatter the player receives a vanity reward that can be sold or placed in their estate for bragging rights.
  • In the rare event that anyone completes all the Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum stages for either all the Ores or all the Enmatters they will be named either “Supreme Champion Ore Miner” or “Supreme Champion Enmatter Miner” and receive a chalice as proof.
  • Including the Chalices there are 62 vanity items to be collected.

New Blueprints both limited and unlimited are waiting to be discovered using ingredients from Hunting, Mining and Harvesting.

Texture Blueprints
  • A new Texture Blueprint book is available from the technician.
  • Unlimited and Limited Blueprints are waiting to be discovered.
  • Some blueprints include ingredients not previously used in Texture BPs.
Furniture Blueprints
  • A new Furniture Blueprint Book is available from the technician.
  • Basic Butt Joint Blueprint is available from the technician, it utilizes harvesting resources and is used as an ingredient in Furniture BPs.
Tool Blueprints

Limited Blueprints for the Nahar Axe 200 (L) and Nahar Axe 300 (L) are waiting to be discovered.


  • The Karmoosh Taming Instance will remain in place.
  • It is now possible to acquire the Karmoosh Aleef Lab Key from the Mirsal Trader with Mirsal Tokens.
  • A daily repeatable taming mission has been added, speak to Kenda by the Toulan Stable to find out more.
  • Tabtab pet spawn has been increased Northwest of Guardian Village
Toulan Events

After the Revelations in The Reluctant Queen a stranger has revealed himself and appears to be using Dark Nawa to strengthen the creatures of Toulan and bend their will to his own. Queen Nara is rallying the people of Toulan to defend their homeland.
  • A new Monthly 48hr+ event format has been created for Toulan.
  • The Toulan Community and allies must unite to defeat shared loot mobs and protect the planet.
  • 22 modified mob maturities will only ever appear during events.
  • There are Pages for the Book of Life that can only ever be looted during an event.
  • Intel suggests that the attack will commence at Guardian Village and Queen Nara calls on all Insians to defend their village.
  • Further information has revealed that following the initial attack there is a full scale invasion planned across various locations on Toulan.
  • More information will follow on the dates of the first event but the plan going forward is to stage monthly events that will start on a Friday and last all weekend.


Merry Christmas

As a small token of our appreciation all visitors to Toulan over the festive period will receive 3 gifts.


Codex has been implemented on Toulan.

Bug Fixes/Minor Adjustments
  • Corrected floor Level signs at Nahar Towers
  • Fixed an issue where items couldn’t be placed in parts of the Large Apartments
  • Fixed issue with placing items by front door in Large Shops
  • Item points added to the display area of Nahar Tower shops so signs can be placed
  • Nawa Energy Core renamed to Nawa Energy Cells
  • Sabikah exchange NPC is now repeatable without the cooldown
  • Mohajeem added to Khaffesh Daily Mission
  • Various weight adjustments to leathers
  • Various weight adjustment to refined ores/enmatters
  • Weight adjustments to various Textures
  • Ad Terminal and Global Ad screen added to Citadel
  • Quest to return to Azis has been modified to return to any mission terminal
  • Side Slit removed from the Kurta Coat
  • Updated Jelly Zone so that the Spawn is Mokhat only
  • Low level Spawn of Wahesh added to Caboria Lake, East of Sandy Shore
  • Added Sunjoq spawn by Jelly Zone so that the repeatable mission can still be completed in close proximity
  • Crafting Engineer and Auction Terminal added to the Citadel
  • Quest Terminal Added to FNF Lab 3 building
  • Terminals rearranged to make the lives of crafters even easier…
  • Dakhim G series now correctly accepts BLP attachments
  • Adjustment to visuals on the water at Sandy Shores West
  • Fixed the “kill 3000” mistake on the daily Quwa, it now correctly states to kill 400
  • Force Nexus is now available on Toulan
  • Adjusted the reference to removal of the card from the mini instance dialogue (for Qaydar, Baydar and Shamsder Cards)
  • Stopped Zaida and Wazeer Uhman repeatedly greeting people as if they had never met them as it was annoying the visitors!
  • Corrected the clothing decay on Kurti Dress and some Woolly Hats
  • Hunt 250 Sunjoq Daily now includes maturities to level 0
  • An Information Booth has been added to Nahar Towers
  • Lighting in the Nahar reactor has been adjusted
  • Waypoint added to protect the coop mission
  • Dialogue fixed for Yasmina in the CUHOF cave
  • Global Threshold lowered for various mob maturities
Finally a big thank you to everyone who provided feedback, we have tried our best to incorporate this where we can. I am sure many of you will recognize some of your contributions. :p

That’s all folks!


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Awesome release - I am so overwhelmed by the things to do. Perfect execution as well.
One small question - is there any issue with discovering CUHOF key bp? or should I just use Nawa energy cells for CUHOF instances?

Not sure about that one Morrath, perhaps a Toulan veteran or even Ant could respond to that.
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