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Spawn of Azathoth
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Today there was a Patch to the 21.3 release with the following fixes/adjustments:
  • The CUHOF instances can no longer be accessed via Yasmina and must now be entered via the dungeon gates in front of the appropriate doors. If you are in the middle of let's say a second attempt, it should allow you to do that.
  • Updated text for Mirsal Hunting Dailies so people are aware they need NawaCore MK3
  • Fixed issue with Mirsal Crafting Daily so it is now repeatable
  • Fixed issue where Mini Daily Mining and Mining Daily could be completed together
  • Text updates for New Player Missions on Toulan
  • Text updates on Mirsal Token Items
  • Fixed issue with counter on DEC Emissary Missions
  • Updated description in Mirsal Crafting to ’50 successful attempts’
  • Adjusted Corbite sign position at Nahar Towers, 8th Floor, inside mission area
  • Tweaks to Spawns (Duhol, Thawr and Khaffash)
  • Upgrade to Nahar Towers Booth 11, Floor 7
  • Added more discoveries to descriptions of items (from before VU)
  • Adjustments to Event Area on Toulan based on feedback
Known Issues:
  • The Salafa Laser Sight is currently displaying the incorrect efficiency

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