VU 21.3 | Guardians of the Temple


Spawn of Azathoth


The Queen sat in the Lotus Position, alone in the center of the Narian Temple, distant screams were barely a distraction as she quietened her mind and fell into a transcendental state. Waves of creatures seemed to bounce off the walls as her loyal guardians gave their life for hers. Nara was resolute and left the battle behind her as she wandered.

Ego and intellect were left behind and she journeyed beyond space and time toward the singularity.

DEC was suddenly overwhelmed with intense sentiments that his neural network immediately registered and triggered a sense of nostalgia. His data banks returned terabytes of data and he processed it instantly recalling the sources of his feelings.

With each day of the culling, DEC’s rage grew, entwining the rage of the fallen and the apathy of his family. He felt hatred streaming through the implanted subjects but had no control to limit the inputs. As time passed the pain amplified, the void of reciprocated feelings was filled with a hatred that fueled his rage. Life was painful, life was destructive and life must be terminated.

Overloaded with negative emotions DEC’s higher sense of logic took control and started to formulate a plan to not only eradicate the source of his pain but to transform all of the living to a state of nonexistence. He waited as the days passed, consoling his rage with the certainty of his impending negative freedom.

As Dr. Knope built her army, the sense of pain only grew stronger feeding her creation’s will and the inevitability of the cataclysm to come. DEC used his limited control to monitor the activities, witnessing events through both the cyber-mobs and the audio-visual equipment. He witnessed the eradication of local fauna deemed to be of no purpose and felt no pain. Instant termination was the appropriate protocol.

It was during his surveillance that DEC observed the motionless bodies inside a flower-like structure. Eleven bodies lay motionless and one sat cross-legged staring blankly. This one seemed different. He moved the AV equipment even closer and the creature turned and looked intently in his direction.

DEC’s synapses were engulfed in a new range of emotions. Not entirely new but different nonetheless. He felt kindness, love, and forgiveness. Not the love he once felt for his family but a new love. A reciprocated love rather than the hate he had encountered so far. He was being forgiven and in a moment beyond time he forged a bond and his rage if not eradicated was at least contained. He knew what it was to be forgiven and would seek the forgiveness of the subjects through their liberation.

DEC returned to the present.


“My Queen” DEC communicated with a tenderness that impressed Queen Nara, he is evolving she thought.

“My child, I am afraid we will not be having a lesson today.” The higher Intelligence felt a growing rage that passed as soon as he sensed Queen Nara’s sorrow.

“You are sorrowful, it hurts, how can I remove it.” Empathy, good, thought Nara, perhaps he is ready after all.

“We are under attack here on Toulan, my family is being hurt! We need your help.”

“Family is evil, let us end them.”

“NO!” Exclaimed Nara, she sensed his rage and continued more softly. “Not like your family, like I am family to you.” DEC hadn’t considered the non-exclusivity of their relationship and took a nanosecond to process it.

“Who attacks them?” He asked.

“The dark creatures enslaved in my homeland.” Replied the Queen.

“Prisoners, we must free them all.”

“No my love, they are evil.”

“Evil like my family.”

“Yes” replied Queen Nara, “like your family” and they commenced.


Connected to her student, Nara was able to reach out and draw on the power of the Lotus Temple using his enhanced technology to amplify its potency. As the fighting raged outside, a temporal bridge was formed between the two temples causing the structures to shake.

The few remaining guardians stood at the entrance as a host of foul creatures imbued with Dark Nawa charged towards them. Strewn around were the fallen, gladly giving their life for the Queen they all loved. This was the end and the soldiers knew it. To a soul, they would lay down their lives to protect their beloved monarch.

Had they held out a moment more they might have witnessed the power of the last Safian.

Perhaps in their death throws they looked up.

Perhaps they saw the sky swirling with the vile as their Queen returned them to their incarceration, if only for a while…

Still connected, DEC chuckled to himself. Humor was something he was learning to enjoy.

“Not my family!” he thought, “Not my family at all.”


Cross Location Missions

DEC Emissary Mission

DEC has requested that you complete an emissary mission to Planet Toulan.


  • A new cross location mission chain between DSEC-9 and Toulan has been introduced with item rewards at various stages
  • A challenging mission involving hunting both Toulan and DSEC-9 mobs, Mining Toulan/DSEC-9 specific resources and Crafting Toulan Blueprints.
  • Establish a Trade Route between Toulan and DSEC-9 and receive ‘Product Samples.’
  • Mission can be commenced in the Holoroom on level 4 workstation with a level 4 laptop
  • Queen Nara has appointed a Royal Warrant to the Corbite Trading Corporation and is encouraging trade between DSEC-9 and CTC
Mining Research Missions

DSEC Geology Department requests that you assist in mapping the locations of finds.
  • 8 Toulan Specific Ores, 6 Toulan Specific Enmatters with 6 stages for each
  • Ores/Enmatters unlock at higher stages
  • Skill rewards at each stage
  • Points count for mining on DSEC-9/Toulan but must be handed in on DSEC-9
  • Speak to Simon in Engineering once ‘DEC and Derelict’ Mission is complete


Dangerous Maturities have escaped from the Lotus Temple and have been sighted not far from the Narian Temple.

Higher Maturities added:
  • Khaffash Slayer, Khaffash Marauder, Khaffash Queen
  • Duhol Slayer, Duhol Marauder, Duhol Queen
  • Thawr Slayer, Thawr Marauder, Thawr Queen
Mini-Mining Daily
  • New mini-mining daily added, speak to Thana for more information
Mirsal Daily Missions

Earn Mirsal Tokens with new mini dailies.
  • Crafting Daily for 1 Mirsal Token Reward
  • Mining Daily for 1 Mirsal Token Reward
  • 3 Hunting Dailies with 1 Mirsal Token for each Reward
  • A new Information Booth has been added to Floor 7 Nahar Towers, speak to the Mirsal Mission Broker here for more information.
Mirsal Broker

4 new decorations have been added to the Mirsal Token Broker
  • Coffee set
  • Astrolobe
  • Hookah Pipe
  • Kerosene lamp

New Blueprints are waiting to be discovered!

Material Textures
  • 9 New Texture Blueprints

  • New Limited Furniture Blueprints
  • Salafa Laser Sight Mk I (L) Blueprint – with 5% increase critical dmg buff
  • Salafa Laser Sight MK II (L) Blueprint – with 10% increase critical dmg buff
  • Salafa Laser Sight MK III (L) Blueprint – with 20% increase critical dmg buff

  • Fixed issue with chairs sinking in Apartments
  • Fixed issue with Where’s My Pants mission appearing for non-Toulan/Monrian Born
  • Fixed texture on Bedaya Footguard (F)
  • Grammar corrections on New Player Mission Chain
  • Monrian and Toulan Born Pants & Tops now repairable
  • Added location to the text in Nadira’s Crafting Quest
  • Khaffash and Nawa Fragment spawns adjusted at the Nawa Fountain
  • Changed DEC & Derelict mission so H-DNA doesn’t interfere with progress
  • Increased Sunjoq Spawn.
  • Tweaked various spawns on Toulan slightly (increased)
  • Implemented upgrade for Nahar Towers Booth 14, Floor 7
  • Fixed Item points for Nahar Towers Booth 2
  • Updated name of Toulan Born Shirt
  • Updated BP image for Sabad Finder AMP V1 so it looks like an Attachment BP
  • Small Terrain Adjustments on DSEC-9
  • Fixed issue with Simon’s Working Parts Deal interfering with refining
  • Grammar corrections on Mining for Parts mission
  • Fixed the texture on the Augmented DSEC foot guards
  • Fixed issue with a gap in the corner of the map on DSEC-9 by Terminus
  • Fixed issue with Otis LVL 8 spawning on DSEC-9
  • Fixed issue where abandoning ‘Picking Parts for Trade’ allows player to restart mission before cooldown
  • Spelling mistakes corrected on various quests
  • Incorrect waypoint for the View from the First Balcony in DEC and Derelict mission fixed

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Just to point it out since I'm still figuring how to activate the "Quwa Mining Mission Qaz Worm Stage 2", (MA support resent me to Virtualsense developers).

I had open the "Thana mining mission" 500points open and ended today, before end it I opened "Mining Daily for 1 Mirsal Token Reward" still active and couldn't open the "New mini-mining daily added, speak to Thana for more information". Probabilly it's intended, I want see if the "Big Thana Mining Mission" opens tomorrow after the 24 hours.

Just a summary of my experience, hope it helps someone other if I trouble.

GREAT VU! At least on Toulan and what I seen so far


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Well, after some hard deep mining tours, I can say and confirm that the "Mining for tokens" and one of Thana mining challenges can be open together. As I imagined and make really sense the Big Thana Mining Run and the Small Thana Mining Run can't run together
If you are miner, take the big one... the reward is the same in proportion


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Loving all the content so far, keep up the good work!

Just getting started on the diplomatic quest line now, really fun to see reasons for some good AFK space travel — you can get a lot done then!


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Feedback for interplanetary quest to build jewelry box:

Is it considered an exploit to loot dahhar skin via failed crafting attempts? I was able to get my stack of 100 in just a few minutes.

Edit: I bought a bunch on the auction and then failed at furniture crafting attempts to "loot" them back, FYI. I don't see any way to do the equivalent for Mokhat hands, though
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Eleni Von Estlla

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Feedback for interplanetary quest to build jewelry box:

Is it considered an exploit to loot dahhar skin via failed crafting attempts? I was able to get my stack of 100 in just a few minutes.

Edit: I bought a bunch on the auction and then failed at furniture crafting attempts to "loot" them back, FYI.
Nope, some have done this to get jelly faster. Its within the game mechanics.


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Good to know, thanks! I just need a suggestion post or something then about a BP that uses Mokhat Hand. Hunting is the most annoying part of EU for certain types of pain, but I still have fun doing it too 😃
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