VU 23.1 | Where have all the Khaffash gone??


Spawn of Azathoth


Based on Feedback from the community, some changes have been made to the Narian Temple
  • Khaffash mobs will ‘de-spawn’ if dragged outside their natural spawn area around the fountain and ‘re-spawn’ in their original area.
  • The quantity of Nawa Fragments spawned on the ground has been reduced.
  • A new daily mission ‘The Khaffash Terminator’ has been introduced at the temple.
  • The mission is activated by entering the area around the fountain.
  • Kill Khaffash and receive a reward of Nawa Fragments

Indoor Mining rules have been disabled on the DSEC-9 Server. All mining will now behave like normal planetside mining. This was done based on some player feedback and to support new player mining.


New Repeatable mining stages missions have been added to the Mining Research Missions:
  • The Daily Repeatable Missions are unlocked once Stage III is completed for the resource in question (As part of the mining Research Quest Chain)
  • Receive 10 PED of Universal Ammo as a reward for finding 1000 points of the relevant resource
  • Note … The DSEC Mining Research quests become available after completing the DSEC Storyline Missions (Quest ‘More From Derelict’) and can be continued on Toulan via the Rais NPC (at the CorBite Trading Center)
Additional Info …
  • If you haven’t done the beginning portion of the DSEC-9 armor upgrade mission chain to get to the “More from Derelict” part, you’ll have to do that first, and once you have completed Stage 3 of the mining missions from NPC Simon in the Engineering Building at Terminus Elara (2nd DSEC-9 teleporter), you’ll unlock the new repeatable mining missions that you continue to take from Simon …
  • You can only take the repeatable mining missions from Rais at the CorBite Trading Center in the Nahar Towers at Toulan after you have become engaged in the DSEC-9/Toulan crossover mission and have access to Rais on the 8th floor
Mining Missions Added:
  • Zircon Mining Research Stage Repeatable
  • Youd Mining Research Stage Repeatable
  • Yashib Mining Research Stage Repeatable
  • Sunburst Mining Research Repeatable
  • Sham Mining Research Stage Repeatable
  • Qaz Mining Research Stage Repeatable
  • Qasdeer Mining Research Repeatable
  • Nawa Drops Mining Research Repeatable
  • Maro Mining Research Repeatable
  • Mamnoon Mining Research Repeatable
  • Lulu Mining Research Repeatable
  • Ghali Mining Research Repeatable
  • Fairuz Mining Research Repeatable
  • Aqeeq Mining Research Repeatable

The St Patrick’s Day gift has been added and will be given to players who enter the area by the first TP on DSEC-9 from the day of the Monria St Patrick’s Day Event Parade, which is on Saturday, March 18th.

Action Jeef

A New Mission has been added so that the Jeefs don’t feel left out on the plushie action…
  • Hunt Jeef Qaher and/or Jeef Zajer and earn an ‘Action Jeef’
  • Speak to Xaida for more information

The Queens Reward is 3 Repeatable Quests unlocked after The Queen’s appreciation 7 is completed as Part of the Queen’s Appreciation Quest Chain. They are intended for players that frequent our monthly events and are either Toulan Born or have completed the Toulan Citizenship Mission. At this point, you are eligible to do The Queen’s Appreciation missions, and once those are complete, then you can take the following Queen’s Reward quests.

The Queens Reward for Jeef Host
  • Has a one week cool down so can only be completed once during the event
  • kill 500 Jeef Hosts and receive a reward of 5 PED Universal Ammo
The Queens Reward for Enhanced Duhol
  • Has a one week cool down so can only be completed once during the event
  • kill 500 Enhanced Duhol and receive a reward of 10 PED Universal Ammo
The Queens Reward for Evolved Wahesh
  • Has a one week cool down so can only be completed once during the event
  • kill 500 Evolved Wahesh and receive a reward of 20 PED Universal Ammo
Bahri Daily – “Hunt Bahri for Oil”
  • NawaCore MK1 is required to unlock this quest
  • New Toulan Born players will receive a “NawaCore MK1” when exiting the start room or by speaking to the NawaCore Agent NPC in Nahar City, down the road from the teleporter
  • Kill Bahri and receive some Oil as a reward
  • Interact with the Mission Terminal for more information
Nadira rewards practice with Blueprints
  • Weekly Mission crafting Tailoring BPs (from Technician)
  • Receive a 5 click BP for crafting attempts
  • Speak to Nadira for more information
Weekly Butt Joint Crafting Mission
  • Weekly Mission for players that craft Butt Joints
  • Reward Coloring Skill
  • Speak to Nadira for more information
Cultists in Training (Repeatable Daily)
  • Low level daily Mission with small universal ammo reward
  • When you enter the area where the low level Cultists are, the Mission will automatically activate
  • This mission takes place at the Mountain of Madness
  • Repeatable crossover quest with a 5 day cool down
  • It might suit those that are joining the weekly flights -- timing is everything in this respect
  • Find either ‘the Stranger’ on Toulan or ‘An old Man on DSEC-9’ for more information
Additional Info …
  • This is a 2 hr mission, which is why timing is everything, and perhaps more amenable to those who might travel with the Yamato during our weekend warp schedules because we travel to all planets … especially those with the free travel benefit …
  • The “Stranger” referred to is the Stranger NPC at the Citadel on Toulan
  • The “Old Man” referred to is an NPC that is part of the new player mission chain at Mountain of Madness, and while that mission chain starts with “A Stranger in the Woods” NPC, he isn’t the Stranger you want to see for this mission
  • Doesn’t matter which location you start at first
  • Small typo fixes
  • Toulan Born beginners mission chain working properly now
  • Adjusted graphics on Neon Signs
  • Adjusted waypoint name on DSEC-9 so it can be copied effectively now
  • Lowered global thresholds for low maturity Shogghols at Mountain of Madness
  • Fixed issue with Dynamic Event Cooldowns in Mountain of Madness
  • Updates to Larches Green Village, including work on creating estates

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First post has been edited to reflect additional info ...


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Thanks a million looking into it now


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additionally the khaffash that are at temple they dont move the ones elevated so, us melee ppl can now only hit 2 of the 5 khaffash at the location

*EDIT* I was able to barely jump and hit 1 but, id look into elevations for these <3

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Trapped somewere. Last time i was there some were just above the west entrance. Did not find all of them.


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The problem is still there sometimes you can find them at west entrance, sometimes are trapped under the ceiling where's the astrolabe and the statue, sometimes you have to exit to east from the Nawa Fountain area and turn right and enter in a narrow corridor under the the main floor. Only once I wasn't able to find them at all, maybe they were on the roof where there the tent
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