What Floats your Musical Boat, At this Very Second :)


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It was so great i figured i had to share here too :purpleheart All deserve a tune like this to listen to when things go bit rough... cant be mad or anthing after hearing this :thumbsup:jumpclap


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I always missing Monrian live stream when hunting in another planets. Today I hunting in Arkadia and listening music from my collection named MDB which contains 68 CD's only with Chill-Out style music. So sharing a one from #36 SUNLOUNGER a.k.a. DJ SHAH Special Edition 3


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I discovered this guy on YouTube a while ago and have become a HUGE Teddy Swims fan, and his voice is amazing. Probably not for everyone of course because our taste in music is so personal, but there's just something about his voice that pulls me in ... he recently signed with a recording label, and the 3rd song is the official release of the video ... I just can't get enough of his voice, and his versions of covers are amazing, such as the first two song I'm sharing here:

(this first track of his is my absolute favorite)

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