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    CTD on DESC-9

    At 2021-06-15 00:48:16 I had a CTD as soon as I abandoned the finding parts mission while I had the TP map open. I was on DESC-9 and at DSEC-9 TP.
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    Toulan mob specific materials

    Thanks for the reply. This is good information, as such it should be giving by the mission broker. Something like the Jelly is hard to get from them it might take a few days hunting.... This would be a fair warning. Not everyone has thousands of PED to cycle daily or even weekly. Hell...
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    Toulan mob specific materials

    Drop rate on Mokhat Jelly is ZERO. I hunted hundreds of them and not ONE drop. Also picked up the daily "find Dog Tags" mission in same area. Those are also a ZERO drop rate. Even tried an old fashion relog....
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