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    BUYING: Mob's Parts & Skins

    Thx for ruining my dream :P
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    BUYING: Mob's Parts & Skins

    Pls hit me up ingame im ready to hunt.
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    Pet buffs

    There are active and passive buffs. Any buff can provide you extra stats only while the pet is happy and its affection is at least 75%. Active buffs can be purchased at stables. For buying an active buff place the pet in the terminal at the stable, choose a buff and pay some ped (be careful dont...
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    Pet handling

    Pet handling tutorial First of all, you have to feed your pets. For that you have to buy Nutrio Bar, and time to time give some to your pet. Right click on the nutrio bar (nb) in your inventory, and choose feed pet. Give some nb to the pet, until the pet window will show that the pet is fed or...
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    Pet taming

    Since i received questions regarding pet taming ingame many times and i didnt find any info on it on Monria Forum, i thought may it will be useful, together with the other 2 posts about pet handling and pet buffs. Taming pets: There are many different type of tamable pets at each planet...
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