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    Arkadia Moon

    Moon daily extractor waypoints. These can be pasted into the chat, and then made into a in game sticky note to assist with tracking. /wp [Arkadia Moon, 10959, 10078, 107, Waypoint] /wp [Arkadia Moon, 10793, 10059, 108, Waypoint] /wp [Arkadia Moon, 10713, 10225, 112, Waypoint] /wp [Arkadia Moon...
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    Monria | First Exclusive Article before Monria Was Launched in 2013

    I had no idea you were MindStar9, great to see an old face still doing great things in the community.
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    Hello from Arkadia :D

    Thought this screenshot would be fitting given the partnership. Achieved on Arkadia using a Monria item:
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    Tameable Yog

    I would love to see the yogs become tameable pets, Monria is lacking in the tameable department, and a spider type pet could be quite popular.
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    Monria is too clean?

    To be fair, given the original terms of the moon estate the team did a great job of working with MA to bend the terms to their vision.
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