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    Infrasound Emitter Component Empty Skill Implant (L)
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    DSEC-9 Red Team Lotus instance mob stuck

    I had exactly the same issue in the Red Team Lotus instance as well.
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    Virtualsense VU 21.4.1 | PATCH

    Team Lotus Instances : "You cannot loot any killed creature when alone in a team". I wanted to test the team instance. When you kill a mob, it remains and this error message appears.
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    Retrieve resources for Rais 1 feedback

    I have not yet finished the mission 'Retrieve Resources for Rais I' but, according to my experience, the only parts that really count for this mission are 'Damaged Ram 8GB' : 1) 120 Nawa Drops are extremely easy to obtain by mining on Toulan 2) All other parts are looted from the same mobs on...
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    Mohkat Loot Table

    I also got 1 Generic Fuse from Mokhat while doing the crossover mission.
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    Selling Large Apartment -- SOLD

    The smaller the lizard the greater the hope of becoming a crocodile.
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    Selling Large Apartment -- SOLD

    Selling Nahar Towers, Apartment B (L) - Floor 3 Large Apartment 250 Item Points SOLD Please make your offer via PM. PED only. This is not an auction. I would prefer a buyer who is engaged with the community, or is Monria/Toulan born. Wangxiang WangXiang Tuxing
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    NFT Items

    The introduction of (some) NFT items (for example weapons, armors, etc. and even land areas) into the game might deserve some thoughts. Sure, a planet partner cannot do this alone and MA would have to be involved. What is an NFT? A non-fungible token (NFT) is a special type of cryptographic...
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    Karmoosh Aleef

    Some elements after my failed attempt on Karmoosh Aleef 3 months ago (this information was posted on the Discord channel at that time): 1) Your presence in the instance is limited to 3 hours. 1) Karmoosh Aleef is a level 5 creature. It has a strong health but makes minimal damage. 2) Its health...
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    Missing High level Wahesh

    I like(d) hunting big Wahesh. I know that a number of players were asking for small Wahesh. I think there is enough space on Planet Toulan (large sea north of the island) for different Wahesh spawns with different maturities.
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    Thawr Divine seemingly disappeared

    For the record, Thawr Divine seems to have disappeared from its usual location West of Narian Temple after last VU.
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    VU 20.4 | By Royal Decree

    This is an awesome VU for Toulan. A lot of new content. Thank you :jumpclap
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    Gameplay based issues on Planet Toulan

    Regarding space, I was told that flying "North" from the space station facilitates the approach of Planet Toulan. I did not try myself though.
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