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    NFT Items

    The introduction of (some) NFT items (for example weapons, armors, etc. and even land areas) into the game might deserve some thoughts. Sure, a planet partner cannot do this alone and MA would have to be involved. What is an NFT? A non-fungible token (NFT) is a special type of cryptographic...
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    Karmoosh Aleef

    Some elements after my failed attempt on Karmoosh Aleef 3 months ago (this information was posted on the Discord channel at that time): 1) Your presence in the instance is limited to 3 hours. 1) Karmoosh Aleef is a level 5 creature. It has a strong health but makes minimal damage. 2) Its health...
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    Missing High level Wahesh

    I like(d) hunting big Wahesh. I know that a number of players were asking for small Wahesh. I think there is enough space on Planet Toulan (large sea north of the island) for different Wahesh spawns with different maturities.
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    Thawr Divine seemingly disappeared

    For the record, Thawr Divine seems to have disappeared from its usual location West of Narian Temple after last VU.
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    VU 20.4 | By Royal Decree

    This is an awesome VU for Toulan. A lot of new content. Thank you :jumpclap
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    Gameplay based issues on Planet Toulan

    Regarding space, I was told that flying "North" from the space station facilitates the approach of Planet Toulan. I did not try myself though.
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    Toulan Pet Stable Shop - Inventory List

    TOULAN PET STABLE OUTSIDE GUARDIAN VILLAGE (outside booth table, outside shopkeeper, inside shack and shopkeeper inside shack) CURRENT INVENTORY LIST (as of 07/02/21) @ ( OUTSIDE BOOTH TABLE ) * Sahra MK2 (L) * Ophidian Blade M4 (L) * Dominax Original Moccasin (L) * Dominax Original Garter...
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    You mean the Dhampyre? I have the key to enter the Biodome but I never had the patience to kill the sufficient number of werewolfes to spawn it. Have you tamed a Dhampyre?
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    Bug Report: Karmoosh Aleef - Untameable

    At least, it is possible to tame Karmoosh Aleef, even if it seems to be extremely difficult. Congratulations to Avalon for the successful taming!
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    Old Taming Karmoosh Lateef Mission

    I started the old Taming Karmoosh Lateef mission a long time ago and I had completed all the waves except the Thawr wave. It means that I only have to do the Thawr wave and kill the last boss to complete the mission. But I just checked my mission log and I don't find the Taming Karmoosh Lateef...
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    Imposible to update to 17.3.1 - EU certificate revoked

    Thank you very much Ant! :jumpclap This worked perfectly. I could update without problem :) Question : Is it better to enable UAC again after the update (for security reasons)?
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    Imposible to update to 17.3.1 - EU certificate revoked

    I cannot update to VU 17.3.1. During the update process I get the message "This application has been blocked for your protection". I run Windows 10 (up-to-date). I tried on another laptop and I get the same blocking message. I can't even reinstall EU, with the same message. It seems the...
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    Toulan Stable is only Shop on Planet!

    Toulan Stable: The only shop on the planet! The Toulan Stable has recently been upgraded. It now includes a booth and a shack. The booth (stall and shopkeeper) mainly proposes weapons, mindchips and tools. The shack has armor parts, clothes, pets and other items for sale. Visit the Toulan...
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    Visit the Stable!

    Thank you for your post :) I don't plan to sell any part now.
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    The big thread of all thats wrong (constructive)

    For me this is one of the major issues. Items that drop (armor parts, weapons) are very small level, beginner items. Nothing for the mid-level hunter, and less so for higher players.
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