1. H


    Got interested in the game from Youtube videos. Stevie "EarnPed" seemed chill. One of his videos said Monria was a good place to start so here I am! I don't mind depositing. Is the starter packs worth it? ~Sebastian Hierophant Thayne

    Cthylla Tower | Floor 9, Shop 2 l Display Area | Drifter007

    THIS SHOPKEEPER OUTSIDE SHOP 2 IS CURRENTLY EMPTY (updates have not been done since Apr 6, 2021)
  3. avarupter

    Zulu and Avalon HOF

    Hopefully this wins it for the Monria event :D
  4. A

    Highest Sweater Count on Monria Sweat Circle Today

    Today we reached our new highest player count :) I will update this thread if we achieve new records :) Current record is : 22 Hopefully we will pass 25 soon :)
  5. Vegvisir

    A private trip to Calypso: Travel Log 005

    -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hey guys, hope you all are as excited about saint patty's day on Monria as I am! I will be documenting some of the upcoming festivities as they unfold- and also have plans for a...
  6. HOF-Hunter

    New Monrian Citizen

    Hello everyone, I started my new entropia life here on Monria a couple of days ago at the urging of one of my friends. So this is my first post.
  7. Eugenio Anhithe Wilde

    Issue with Monria Broadcasters

    I've just had reports that we are currently experiencing some issues with the broadcast system on Monria. It appears to have been hijacked and ritualistic chanting can be heard throughout the Moon. The Monria Team is currently investigating these disturbances and hope to have an update within...
  8. E8ty2nd

    Monria Donation Center

    Monria Donation Center For the Ava from the Ava What is the Monria Donation Center? The Monria Donation Center is one dedicated location where anyone can donate any item(s) they wish for others. Where is the Monria Donation Center located? The donation center is located on the 9th floor of...
  9. E8ty2nd

    Win a Compet Deed!

    No fancy story here just plain and simple facts. I have placed a Salafa G1 (L) somewhere on Monria. If you find this item with the same exact Tier Increase Rate numbers as shown in the image below, you WIN a Compet Deed! The Rules: 1 winner. Must trade Salafa G1 (L) with Mass "E8ty2nd" Tac...
  10. Gatekeeper

    Shop Inventory List - Cthulhu Tower, Shop 1

    Following is a list of items in my shop. If you have any requests please let me know Either in game or send me a pm here on the forums. Happy hunting to all and good luck! CURRENT SHOP INVENTORY (Updated as of 01/30/24) @ ( ENTRANCE ) * Floral Elegance Carpet * Elegant Gallery Pedestal * Qty...
  11. Gatekeeper

    A Break From The Insanity - Bugged

    Here are pics from my phone of a quest ppl have stumbled upon recently. It appears Chuck Iverson in the main Monrian Hub is offering a ride off Monria. But, it errors out. I have attached 3 pics hopefully in order. I did try it with and without the Monrian Tee-shirt, but no luck. Gatekeeper
  12. Sholle Von Cartiz

    Twitch Stream | Sholle Von Cartiz

    so lets try how this work ^^ Here is link: Twitch Stream | Sholle Von Cartiz
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