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Got interested in the game from Youtube videos. Stevie "EarnPed" seemed chill. One of his videos said Monria was a good place to start so here I am! I don't mind depositing. Is the starter packs worth it?

~Sebastian Hierophant Thayne

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Hello Hiero :)
Welcome to Entropia :)

I agree with FireFist Gold package is the price/performance one and platinum one is the best ofc :p

I would recommend checking Monrian Born Program
Also after doing your beginner training on thule and coming to monria, i would recommend doing the 11 monria missions.

Feel free to ask any questions you have here or in game at #monria channel

Have a good one :)
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Hi Hiero

Welcome to Monria and the Forum as Avum said the Monrian Born Program is the best place to start.
Have a look around and get to know the community. They are massively helpful and welcoming, and if you have any problems there is a lot of information on the forum also.

We have the best community manager in Gaming history @DarkMoonEnigma She is Awesome. (that capital A is intentional DME ;) )

If you take your time and get involved I can promise you'll have a great time :)


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Welcome Heiro ... as others have said, there's plenty of information at this forum, as well as plenty of people to answer your questions, so don't be shy. I do my best to be in the game for a while every day, but I travel between Monria and Toulan when needed, and now we have the new Monria dimension (DSEC-9), so I'm there as well.

You'll find our communities very friendly and helpful, and that is a big benefit.

Catch you in the game at some point. :)
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