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    Got interested in the game from Youtube videos. Stevie "EarnPed" seemed chill. One of his videos said Monria was a good place to start so here I am! I don't mind depositing. Is the starter packs worth it? ~Sebastian Hierophant Thayne
  2. Chukano Wrench Crowbar

    Twitch Stream| Wrench_Crowbar

    Hi all, My IGN: Chukano Wrench Crowbar Stream Channel: Society: Crowbar Crew My Character was made in 2014 and I mostly Mined and Traded in Camp Icarus upto 2017 when I took a long break from the game due to irl being too busy:D But I am back with the focus on growing...
  3. Chukano Wrench Crowbar

    Hello from Wrench Crowbar

    Hi all, My IGN: Chukano Wrench Crowbar and I am happy to meet you all:D I am a Streamer for Entropia universe with the focus on helping everyone and specifically new players with my events. After reading your Quarterly magazine I was quite happy to see all the efforts you guys have for the...
  4. I

    First Flight on Yamato

    Hi All, I took my first trip on the Yamato yesterday and I can tell you it was a great experience. Even though the docking bay was full of ships, everyone was having a good time talking and offering rides to the planet for those folks who did not have their own spaceship. I plan on taking more...
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