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Hi all,

My name is Chukano Wrench Crowbar and I am a Streamer for Entropia Universe.

After reading the Quartely magazine of Monria when my Soc mate Distorter showed it to me I got really excited with all the community events and efforts Monria has done. He was actually the one who made me aware of all cool (and Dark) things happening on Monria. :D

And we decided that we should help where we can.

We have quite a busy stream schedule but we will be sure to attend Monria's 18th July Event with the stream and be here for that weekend. Unfortunately, I do not stream on Saturday's but that should not take away anything from the fun to be had here. :D And we will arrange a free Warp to Monria and back for our followers to attend your event.

Thank you all:D


Below is my original post from the Calypso Forums:


My IGN: Chukano Wrench Crowbar
Stream Channel: Twitch
Society: Crowbar Crew

My Character was made in 2014 and I mostly Mined and Traded in Camp Icarus up to 2017 when I took a long break from the game due to irl being too busy.
But I am back with the focus on growing my stream and assisting fellow players. I have been streaming Entropia Universe since March 2020. My stream mostly attracts Newer Players/Smaller Hunters/Sweat Sellers with the focus on teaching how to trade & profit on smaller mobs whilst growing in the game. And, of course, we get the occasional crazy high level Ubers to visit
who buy a lot of stuff from newer players.

The stream focus is based on new Player Retention and HELPING people with a progressive career path in Entropia.

We try to help people to actually play the game instead of sweating or fruit-picking their valuable in-game time. (Nothing wrong if u want to do this all day by choice btw). In my stream channel you will also find mostly extremely helpful people

Some of the initiatives to help players are:

1) Sweat buys per stream for followers with a minimum of 2 ped per 1 K sweat for each global (5K per HoF) me or my team + Guest globallers get while streaming

2) Weekly Sunday Exomunch Event with 75 Ped tt Prizes divided over the top 10 HSL players and 1 Ped entry ticket (Previous: Weekly Sunday Exomunch Event around 150 ped in TT(!) prizes 2 ped Entry)
Sponsored by Chiee's Entropia Fund. This event is always on Winter Park and are level 3+ mobs so even fresh new characters can join them. I host and stream these events each Sunday

3) Free Trips with TusaLusa's Starfinder to different planets for Followers! So far we went to Arkadia and Rocktropia and the warp + return is paid for when u come with us and we fly everyone down ourselves so u do not pay a planet teleportation fee. Great for getting your starter missions done or visit other worlds for a few days.

4) TusaLusa Starfinder Repair Skilling Events We buy our Repair Tools and welding wire far under MU thanks to these sponsors just before any Skilling trip (usually around 2 hours)

5) In-house DJ and fellow player Alex Cajhmere Cruba makes music mixes for our streams

6) Small Free item (azuro's, rubio's, B amps, Limited healing tools, 101 Finders, Blue Prints etc.) giveaways where we challenge players to sell them for profit (they can keep it and any profit as well!)

7) Crazy movie events where we recreate movies in Entropia Style (we are currently editing our Battle of Hoth Star Wars movie)

8) Weekly Ambu Team Hunt with TT Weapon (Solomate Onyxo unamped only) Players get some free Ped in the event of losses.

9) Nomad's Hellfire Club's Free Melee skilling events! And if there is profit Nomad rewards us all

10) An ever Increasing Loot Buy List from my Society and our sponsors for followers which is non profit (we take no cut we just gather the loot :) Available on our stream Discord: Join the Wrench_Crowbar Discord Server!

Where all prices are already pre-negotiated for you! Players can sell their loot at a decent profit and Cycle, Learn & Enjoy the game further.

11) Friday Weekly Proteron Hunt for Followers on LA #46 - Proteron Pasture (18500, 62300)
Mob: Proteron Young

Streaming schedule:
Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Sunday from 17.00 MA time onwards and are usually around 3-4 hours.

All of this is made possible by our followers and sponsors which I would like to thank here once again for their continued support. You can see a full list of supporters on my Twitch Channel

Long mail in the end
I hope everyone appreciates our efforts and catch u on my stream!

Kind regards,

Chukano Wrench Crowbar & the Crowbar Crew
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