Check In With Pam (Part 3)


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Check In With Pam

Location: DSEC-9

Once back on DSEC-9, go to Elara Terminus and speak to Pam at the DSEC-9 building.

1 Check In With Pam.png2 Check In With Pam.png3 Check In With Pam 1.png3 Check In With Pam 2.png
Mission received: Retrieve Resources For Rais I
4 Retrieve Resources For Rais I.png
Please note: You have to hand in the required parts. Do Not refine.

Reward: Arcade Space Shooter

Arcade Space Shooter.png

On completion you will receive the next mission: _______ 🤔 _________ ??????? (....To Be Continued when I get there LOL)
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