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If i may, we have had repetitive confusion about the citizenship.
A lot of people seem to understand that killing mobs in the Event area would contribute to progress on this mission, while it is related to Toulan Monthly Events.
So maybe a tweak in the patchnotes would clarify a bit for those who are not that familiar with the Planet. :)

Second thing is, Khalil new quest, aswell as Citizen mission, does not state if a Nawacore Level is required // Nor stated as daily, but "Repeatable" for Khalil.
Since most of us already have the Core, it is a bit tricky to test and clarify here, if any are needed to unlock any of the new missions.

Hope this helps,


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Hey Eleni

You need a Nawacore MK 3 to do the Citizen mission. If you don't have one the dialogue will tell you that you need one.

You do not need anything for Khalil's mission, he just likes to make new friends. :)


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I'm DSEC and Elara since few days. Very nice content also here! Still a lot to explore and discover by me anyway I had a really good feeling, I like the vegetation and lakes present on Elara!
I'd like to suggest few things, create some little areas with a big density of trees, redesign a bit the rock formations (Jelly Zone like) in the far North side to make them more natural and make the wahesh a bit bigger
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