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Sorry to hear of your loss Wrench, it's never easy, and I hope your re-engagement in the universe will pick you up a bit. I love what you do with your stream and what you do for the community. I am looking forward to your adventure with Bonnie, her streams are always fun too, I only wish I had more time to tune in to both of you.

Keep up the splendid contributions you make to our universe, you are appreciated. 💜
For our SAGE event:

We are looking for hunters for the massive hunting party together with Bonnie after the SWUNT u do not need to sign up:D
As a hunter just show up, and have a smile and weapon ready:D
The giveaways etc will continue even after we have finished the Swunt part!

Kind regards,

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Monria Weekend Trip Free Warp Friday 27th 19.00 MA Time From Caly to Monria Return Sunday 29th From Monria to Caly 16.30 MA Time: 5 years Anniversary event! (JAY!) Virtualsense Event | Monria / Toulan Development Team Celebrates 5 Year Anniversary We will come and invade again and we are going to buy 50k sweat from Followers to celebrate this Huge achievement on Monria:D. For this special sweat buy you only need to travel with us or be on Monria already!

Kind regards,

Wrench and Crew
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